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Practice Area

The scope of works to be carried out by GBS for client under this scheme shall include consultancy by GBS on communication of financial information of the company to its shareholders and investors but shall not be limited to the following:

Consultancy on selection of proper messages and information to be disclosed to each target group of investors to the expectations of the Company.

  • Consultancy on selection of  the timing and frequency for disclosure  of information.
  • Consultancy on preparing and editing information prior to official disclosure.
  • Consultancy on selection of proper communication channels for information disclosure campaigns.
  • Support in communications with reporters and disclosure of information to  media channels.
  • Support in development of and care for the “Investor Relations” section in the website of the Company.
  • Consultancy on and participation in organizing talks with investors and the annual meeting of the General Meeting of Shareholders.
  • Support and participation in contact with big shareholders.
  • Promotion of the search for suitable partners such as Funds, Big Corporate  or Individual Investors, etc. and recommendation  to them of investment in the Company.
  • Participation in analysis of business and legal matters and market  trends that may have impact on the  shares of client and provision of advices on solutions.
  • Support in preparation of newsletters to be sent to investors and presentation of quarterly financial statements.
  • Update and support for client in compliance with the laws on disclosure  of information to the public.

GBS shall render services as per written requests from client. Advices may be provided in the form of written documents or electronic files. Except for complicated problems that require much time for resolution, GBS shall carry out the requests for consultancy from client within one (1) business week as of the date of receipt of such requests. However, for urgent works requested, GBS shall consider response to client in the shortest time. Consultancy services of GBS may be provided through meetings with or telephone calls or emails to client. The main language to be used for work between the parties shall be Vietnamese; however, subject to requests from client in each specific issue, advices of GBS can be provided in both English and Vietnamese.

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